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General Information

General Information-




PRE – PRIMARY (Play group,KG,Prep) : Cardamom green skirt, Ivory colour shirt with school monogram, black ribbon/ hair band, brown shoes with straps and brown socks.


CLASSES  I – XII: Cardamom green skirt (divided), Ivory colour shirt with school monogram, black ribbons/ hair band, brown shoes with straps and brown socks.



PLAY GROUP TO CLASS V: Cardamom green pair of shorts, Ivory colour shirt with school monogram, brown socks and brown shoes with straps.


CLASS VI TO XII: Cardamom green full pants, Ivory colour shirt with school monogram brown socks and brown shoes with straps.



  • Woollen (Khaki) Track suits are worn by children of Play Group to Class II on the days of their games period. On other days green sweaters with hoods are worn along with sleeveless green sweater.
  • School blazer is compulsory for the children of classes III – XII.
  • Gloves and Caps – Dark Brown Colour.
  • Girls are to wear brown stockings.


PRE – PRIMARY: The children are divided into 4 houses – Ninja Turtle(Green), Cool Cat(Yellow), Brave Heart Beaver (Red), Warrior Wolf (Blue).


CLASSES I – XII: The children and divided into 4 houses – Forest (Green), Sun (Yellow), Ocean(Blue), Earth(Brown).




  • Children wear the school tie from class III onwards.
  • For Sikh boys – Turbans are to be of dark brown colour.
  • Ties are compulsory and available with the uniform set. Please note that the boy’s ties are of a different type then          the girls.
  • House T –shirts and Track Pants are to be worn only on the days the class has a Game/ Yoga period.

Grooming Standards –

One of Happy Hours Schools goals for ALL students is that they succeed both academically and Socially and are prepared for the future upon graduation from school. An appropriate student dress code adherence and grooming are important factors in the orderly operation of the school as well as the overall development of the student’s personality.

This dress code has been established to:

  • Reflect the high standards of the school, adhering to good taste, modesty and dignity;
  • Create an atmosphere of respect, discipline and good personal hygiene/grooming;
  • Promote consistent standards of dress and grooming; and
  • Reflect a sense of pride in self, one’s academic achievements and one’s school.

The parents of students are requested to participate actively in making sure that their ward comes to school wearing the appropriate uniform in a neat and tidy condition every day.

Gifts: Giving money or gifts to the staff members is strictly prohibited.

School Rules and Regulations –

Timings: Students and parents are requested to strictly adhere to the regular school timings and PTM timings.

Online Login: Student homework, syllabus, results etc. are available online the student/ parent login. Parents and students are requested to check regularly the login for various updates.

SMS System: School will be sending sms regarding unforeseen holidays, reminders etc. Parents are requested to regularly keep the school updated about their change in address and mobile numbers.

Medical –The complete medical records of the child / ward must be furnished for perusal at the time of admission and has to be updated regularly. The medical report that is submitted must invariably contain all the relevant medical information relating to child since birth.

In case of any pre condition such as asthma the school must be informed  and medications for any medical condition that need to be administered in school must come with a letter of acknowledgement from the parents otherwise no medicine will be administered to the child. In case of any emergency the sick bay and nurse are available everyday throughout the school hours.

Safety measures-

The school has a system in place to manage the safety and security of all the students and staff such –

As parents you could follow these guidelines.

Guidelines –

  • The skirts, pants and shirts must all be washed, clean and ironed
  • Blazers in the winters should be dry cleaned
  • Uniform to me worn to size
  • Shoes must adhere to the school uniform and must not be colorful or of different brands and type
  • Only black rubber bands to be used no colored ones will be allowed
  • In the winters caps and warm hats, neck warmers and gloves to be either black or brown and no other color
  • No valuable jewelry to be worn to school such as rings, necklaces, earrings etc.
    • ID cards ( detail)
    • Signing in and out registers ( detail) for parents, visitors and teachers.
    • Completion of the dairy (detail)
    • Barbed wiring
    • Fire extinguishers in every block
    • CCTV
    • Security Guards
    • Learn the school's emergency procedures. School phone numbers are included in the school dairy and emergency numbers for Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade are  posted at exit points / gates. Taking a few extra minutes to familiarize yourself and your child with emergency information can give him the confidence he needs to act quickly in emergency situations.  
    • Know travel routes to and from the school. Make sure you and your child know both primary and alternate routes. In an emergency, roads can be blocked and it's important to have a backup plan.
    • Know and follow school security and safety measures. This includes signing in when visiting the school, being escorted when walking through the building, taking the yellow slip after getting it signed by the principal in case you need to take your child out of school during school hours pass and making sure that the only person who comes to pick your child up in your absence is the guardian you have mentioned in the dairy otherwise the child will not be allowed to leave with anyone else. Also no eatables will be allowed into the school once the child has entered , please make sure the lunch boxes are sent with the child when he/she arrive to school. Following these procedures also sets a great example for your kids.
    • Talk with your child about safety. Be specific. Talk about instinct and paying attention to funny feelings of fear. Explain what to do if she doesn't feel safe (find a teacher, call 100, etc.). Make sure she knows how to contact you.
    • Inform school staff about health and emotional concerns. Whether your child has a food allergy, a physical disability, or has been subject to bullying. make sure to keep your child's teachers and principal in the loop.