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  • The notion of a boy who would never grow up “Peter Pan” the play symbolizing the freedom of childhood. The successful attempt of sketching the play written by Scottish novelist J.M. Barrie adapting his version and expanding it by using a variety of media such as LED screens and moveable props, the whole show enthralled the audience with its brilliance. From having Misha, the lab on the stage and incorporating the frog song performed by the tiny tots of our K.G., the tribal dance and in addition to all this was an outstanding dance Ballet by the young fairies to the tunes of Blue Danube; all this captivated the soul of each and every one. The whole play was digitally recorded and supported by good lighting that accentuated the role of each character.

    The Happy Hours School Orchestra performed live for the first time with all the instruments and 115 students divided into 5-6 sections. This ensemble had string wood wind, brass and percussion instruments used by all the students to perform the compositions. The Choir students sang the Aarti which is also performed at Belur Math. The diya Dance with its lilting notes and backup of the myriad colours of dusk set of the Annual Day to a grand start. Following the Dance was the performance of the orchestra in two parts. First a western song final countdown which created a peppy mood in the audience. Then was the next composition – Indian Fusion created by our Music faculty which used a combination of the jazz and traditional instruments. Each of the sections namely the violin, guitar, the woodwinds  and keyboards, with the drums gave a stellar performance and delighted the audience.

    The Kathak show was choreographed entirely by the faculty of dance. It used the amalgamated techniques of the Lucknow and Banaras Ghranas, accompanied by our staff on the Harmonium and Tabla and it showcased the talent hidden in our young dancers. The various compositions progressing from a slow tempo to a fast one and ending in unison was unique. The spinning and diagonal settings and the costumes appealed to the audience. The audience was taken back to the alps through the “Do Re Mi” song. The musical show was notable for its elaborate set and scenic design. The enthusiasm of the young children and their teachers was demonstrated perfectly in the song.