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  • Rationale

    Allocation of Houses

    The school is divided into four houses: Forest, Ocean, Earth and Sun. Children shall be allocated a house when they join the school. Every child will have their house shirts as a part of the school uniform, with the house name and colour that represents its house.

    Captains, Vice Captains and House Secretaries

     At the beginning of the new session classes 10th, 11th and 12th will be given the opportunity to nominate themselves as Captains (12th), Vice-captains (11th) and House Secretaries (10th). The School management team will then interview children who have nominated themselves. The SMT will decide on the final Captains and Vice captains after consultation with class teachers. The Captains and Vice captains will campaign and contest in elections by the students of the school. The Captains and Vice captains will wear a badge to show their position in the school. Captains and Vice-captains will be expected to:

    • Bring their House into assembly / house meetings quietly and sensibly

    • Sit at the front of their house at assembly and encourage good behaviour from their House

    • Be an example of exemplary behaviour and attitude

    • Collect and count up the house points

    • Help to organise food and drink on reward days

    • Organise House competitions

    • Be a buddy to younger children in their House

    • Propose and represent ideas from their House ideas that will improve the House System.

    Captains or Vice-Captains whose behaviour or attitude is not a good example to others will be asked to stand down from the captaincy or vice captaincy.

    ·   The captains and vice captains must encourage the students to study well, explain the card system, brief up the house on the current house point status and upcoming competitions.

    ·   The captains must acknowledge and appreciate good behaviour, accolades in academics or sports by their house members.

    ·   The captains and vice captains must ensure that during the house meetings no time is wasted, there is discipline and must plan the content of the house meetings in advance so that it is to the point.

    ·   House Secretaries to assist in all the above matters.

    ·   All captains and secretaries to coordinate with the house teachers on all house related matters and assist them during house meetings and vice versa.

    ·   Classes 1st – 5th will be looked after and managed by the vice captains where as classes 6th – 12th by the captains.

    Awarding house points

    Based on a student’s performance in academics or in sports and extracurricular activities, cards will be given to the child. Each card has certain points allocated and will contribute in deciding which house comes first at the end of the year and wins the best house trophy for that year.

    Gold card – given by the Principal or the Director of the school = +10 points

    Silver card - = +5 (only for sports – state and nationals)

    Blue card - = +1 (academics)

    Red card - = -1 (misbehaviour, discipline etc)

    Green card- = +1 (co-curricular activities including sports events)

    Meeting Behaviour and Attitude Standards

    The expectation is that children will be loyal to their House and try their best to earn points for their House by displaying good behaviour and attitudes as well as participating in the various school competitions and events. If children are consistently getting demerits and are consequently not contributing points to their House then they will be temporarily removed from their House. (An individual behaviour plan will be drawn up after consultation with the SMT, class teacher, parent or guardian and the pupil, Targets will be set for the pupil to meet so that they can rejoin their house in the future once their behaviour and attitudes have improved). Whilst the pupil is not in the House System they may not participate in any of the school competitions and events.