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  • Kindergarten

    It is our firm belief that every child has something special to offer to this world, for which the hidden talents have to tapped and brought out. We persistently try to bring out the potential in every child since every child is different and it is this difference that makes him or her special to us. It is our endeavour to ensure that every child participates in all the activities that school has to offer in various fields. Hence our motto:

    "Every Child a Winner"

    Happy Hours Kindergarten takes enough care with the surroundings and ambience so that it is stimulating and helps the growth of a child. A comfortable environment is provided to the children for their maximum development. We provide our students with opportunities for growth and development while studying and playing. Children are provided with different kind of toys, blocks, which are safe, user friendly and non-toxic. Our Kindergarten is a separate wing in the shape of an enchanting castle. The room walls and corridors are beautifully painted with cartoons and different characters of classic stories, this creates a delightful and fun atmosphere for the little ones. We emphasize on a totally different and interactive learning by attractive toys and games, engaging stories and teaching aid. Our devoted and amicable staff helps the children to explore and learn.




    Cardamom green skirt, Ivory colour shirt with school monogram, black ribbon/ hair band, brown shoes with straps and brown socks. 


    Cardamom green pair of shorts, Ivory colour shirt with school monogram, brown socks and brown shoes with straps.


    Woollen (Khaki) Track suits are worn by children of Play Group to Class II on the days of their games period. On other days green sweaters with hoods are worn along  with sleeveless green sweater.

    Gloves and Caps – Dark Brown Colour.

    Girls are to wear brown stockings.


    •  Sports Uniform are worn on the days children have a Games / Yoga period. 


    • Children wear the school tie from class III onwards.
    • For Sikh boys – Turbans are to be of dark brown colour.
    • Ties are compulsory and available with the uniform set. Please note that the boy’s ties are of a different type then the girls.
    • Sports Uniform are worn on the days children have a Games / Yoga period.