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  • Through my lens

    I am Faisal Khan of class XII (commerce) and I am on a journey to becoming a photographer. Photography was never a dream for me until class X. Clicking photos was just a cluster of memories to be reminisced in the future. By the time I reached class XII, I found that I was transitioning from simply clicking photos to feeling passionately towards photography. It started to form into a dream that I wanted to pursue more seriously. I started with a Nikon Coolpix P510 which is a point and shoot camera and currently use a DSLR Nikon D5200.

    Luckily, my friend was also interested in handling the cameras. We started with simple photo walks capturing night shots, roadside shots, lonely and packed streets and some shots of light arts in Jodhpur. Soon we tried our luck in short filmmaking and made our channel on YouTube called - Blue Team Productions which attracted some of the viewers’ attention.

    Our school – Happy Hours, also recognized us and gave us the title of: Head of Photography. We were made responsible for shooting the school events and became in charge of most of the photography taking place in school. This was a new feeling as being students it felt good to be trusted with something that mostly professionals are given the task of handling. As time passed, my eagerness and dedication increased towards photography. A post of Instagram opened another door for me, The Indian Photographers Club (IPC).

    I registered myself for the workshop and went to Delhi for the same. This was an exposure to many new skills like the Steel Wool Photography.

    Sometimes, little things make us feel overjoyed and overwhelmed, fill us with enthusiasm and joining hands with IPC was one of them. I say this because I was acknowledged as a part of the IPC team. The first event of IPC in Jodhpur was a photo walk on 17th July, 2016, where around 80 people participated. This event turned out to be a great success because this was the first largest photo walk happening in Jodhpur. On the 27th and 28th day of August we are hosting is a Steel Wool Workshop with IPC. If I am ever given a chance with hard work and luck, I would like to work for India staying in India or Abroad. I am very fortunate to have parents who support my passion and teachers who encourage me.

    I wish to pursue my career in photography and media in the future. I would also like to set up a photography institution in India and train students from all over the world. As Henri Cartier Bresson said, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”. I believe he has said something which is very true. And last, but not the least, I would like to say that learning begins in the cradle and ends in the grave.

    - Faisal Khan – XII Commerce